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We are working to improve the skills of our staff in order to continue meeting the needs of each and every user, with nursing care services Eii that are asking for consultations on visiting nursing care mainly in Chiba City. Knowledgeable and experienced staff will provide detailed support so that you can quickly resolve problems that you do not understand.
In order to deliver a healthy life to our users, we are committed to providing support that makes our customers smile from the bottom of their hearts, with various cancellations and support. If you are qualified to work as a care worker, consider working in a place where you can touch the smiles of many users.


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The nursing care service Ei, who is based in Chiba City and receives requests for visiting nursing care, has a reputation of "It's easy to bounce back when my work is over" because I can commute with my own car. Is high. As we think about treatment from the viewpoint of the staff, if you are looking for ease of work and ease of work, please consider applying for a job at a business location.

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If you want to work at a visiting care facility in Chiba area, please lend us your help

As we are contracted for life assistance that helps the body assistance and things around the body and housework that directly touch the user's body, those who want to make effective use of the helper experience, to the job posting posted by the establishment Please consider applying for We will carry out the work you have instructed while thoroughly performing hygiene management and safety management so that we can deliver stress-free life to our users. It is a good job for those who like to work with customers and those who like to communicate with people, as they often chatter to be the heart of the user.
Launched a service to visit your home so that you can support people with various problems, such as "I want to live in the familiar home and how old I am" and "I miss being separated from my family" did. In order to respond to the user's feelings, we will keep in mind the measures that you can feel quickness and gentleness. There is also training to improve the skills of each staff member, so you can work while feeling the response. If you are looking for a place where you can work like your own in a warm environment, consider working as a member of a place in Chuo Ward.

The Chiba establishment that undertakes visiting care services is offering jobs

The establishments that receive many requests on a daily basis offer jobs to increase the number of staff who work part-time. Even if there is a blank in the care industry work for various reasons such as child care and poor health etc., if you have qualifications of old helper first grade and old helper second grade, it will be used first so feel free to get started Please inquire.
High-experienced staff will accompany you and teach you the flow of your work so that those who have a carer's qualification but have never experienced a visiting service can work with peace of mind. While caring for the user's mind and body, we will support daily life smoothly. We may ask you from a family who wants to take a break from nursing care, and we plan carefully after hearing. As you interact with more people in the desired shift, you can enhance your communication skills and human resources. If you are looking for a job where you can expect your own growth in a local area, please look for job offers from reputed establishments that have high welfare and well paid hourly rates.